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Concession + Commercial Vendors

Interested in becoming a vendor?

The Kern County Fair is a great opportunity to showcase your products or service to a diverse and enthusiastic crowd, eager to explore and experience all that you have to offer! The Fair offers a vibrant and bustling environment, providing a platform for you to engage with customers and build connections within the community. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your brand, engage with new customers, and make a lasting impact.

Applications are currently being accepted through EventHub until May 1, 2024. By submitting an application, you understand it is for consideration only. Space is not guaranteed.

Support your California Fairs

There is an easy, no cost way to support local fairgrounds and help ensure that the place where you hold your events stays in business. Are you willing to help?
Every day, businesses like yours transact sales on fairgrounds throughout the State of California. You have to report those sales on your state tax return. Did you know that on the California tax return form, there is a space for you to enter the sales specifically made on California fairgrounds?

For questions regarding your EventHub account or how to use features, please reach out to help@eventhub.net or visit their Help Center.
For questions regarding becoming a vendor or concessionaire, please contact 661-833-4917.

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