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Competitive Exhibits & Exhibit Catalog

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It’s that time of year again. FAIR TIME! What a happy time for each of us that are responsible for taking in items to be displayed. We truly enjoy what each and everyone of you has made and taken the time to share with fair-goers.

Last year you brought approximately 8,000 items to be entered into the fair. We are charged with taking items in and protecting them until fair is over. We then return them to the exhibitors safely with ribbons attached.

Our volunteers are the “Ticket to Fun”. For over 100 years the many men and women have been available to man the booths, sit in the departments and help the public find their way around the grounds. We thank them because they are the “Fair”.

See you at the Great Kern County Fair.

Patt Sandrini
Still Exhibit Supervisor

2017 Exhibit Catalog


New Division:

Do you love Pinterest?

We have added some classes just for you!
Enter Division 85 and create your favorite Pinterest item!

Entry form and Pinterest item due September 16 in Floriculture • Building 4

For more information, call the entry office at 661.833.4914


How To Enter:


Online Entries

Online Entries

Below is a list of locations where catalogs are available for pick-up.
*Call location for availability

Beale Library
701 Truxtun Ave.
(661) 868-0701
Brookdale (Glenwood Gardens)
3500 Calloway
(661) 587-0221
Kern River Valley Library
7054 Lake Isabella Blvd.
(760) 549-2083
Southwest Library
8301 Ming Ave.
(661) 664-7716
Kern City Office
1003 Pebble Beach
(661) 831-2035
Frazier Park Library
3732 Park Dr.
(661) 245-1267
Rathburn (Oildale) Library
200 W. China Grade Loop
(661) 393-6431
Columbus Estates
3201 Columbus
(661) 872-5855
Taft Library
27 Emmons Park Dr.
(661) 761-3294
Tehachapi Library
1001 W. Tehachapi Blvd.
(661) 822-4938
Beverly's Fabrics
2819 F Street
(661) 324-9022
Regional Occupational Center
501 South Mt. Vernon
(661) 831-3327
Henleys Photo
2000 H Street
(661) 324-5376
Wasco Library
1102 - 7th St
(661) 758-2114
Board of Trade
2101 Oak St.
(661) 868-5376
Color Me Mine
900 Ming Ave.
(661) 664-7366
4-H Office
1031 S Mt. Vernon Ave.
(661) 868-6216
Shafter Library
236 James St.
(661) 746-2156

Thimble Towne
2841 Unicorn Road #103
(661) 399-5778

8660 Rosedale Highway
(661) 587-5750

Entry Sponsors

Bakersfield Cactus & Succulent Society Bakersfield African Violet Society
Pulford's Apple Tree Orchard
Cowboy Bail Bonds
Diversified Construction Solutions Inc. Chuy's
Grimmway Farms
Kitchen Craft Cookware
Self Serve Dog Wash A. Rodriguez & Son Harvesting
Frosting Belles Cake Decorators Club
Lisa Rodriguez & Jim Shubin
Margie Mcguire, Frances Olds, & Patt Sandrini
Kern County Waste Management
Robbie Nursery
Patt Sandrini & Robert Sandrini
Mary Voss and Pat Murray
Claudia Burke
Roger and Ana Williams
Marie Calender's
Rusty's Pizza
Dave and Marilyn Wooden
Friends of Harvest Hall
Janelle Williams and Samantha Williams
Jamie Jones and Veronica Slaton
Gale Foreshee
Burk's Maintenance
The Bennett Family
Capistrano Roasting Co.
Dottie Story Co.
Andrew Family
David Zachery, D.V.M.
Bakersfield Obedience Training Club
Susan M. Gonzales
Kern Animal Emergency Services
Kern Canine Activities
Kern County Kennel Club
Mt Vernon Veterinary Hospital

Sillect Care Animal Hospital
Thimble Towne

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