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KC's Reading Roundup

The 2017 Kern County Fair runs from September 20 - October 1. As a reward to the students and educators who participate in K.C.’s Round-Up, we will again be giving away free passes to the fair. The Reading Round-Up has been a great success! Last year we had close to 30,000 Kern County students read to earn fair admissions to the Kern County Fair. Students from more than 100 Kern County schools and from almost every Kern County city have participated.

If your school chooses to participate, children (kindergarten through sixth grade) will be asked to read 200 minutes of reading for pleasure in order to receive their pass. Participation is done through schools, check with your child's school on how to get involved. The passes that they receive can be used at any time during the 12-day run of the fair.


KC Reading Roundup Packet

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