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KC Fair Virtual Livestock Show

Show + Sale Schedule

September 7 - 18, 2020
-Submit Video and Weight for Virtual Show by 11:59 PM 9/18/2020
-Declare for Auction (submit photo and bio) by 11:59 PM 9/18/2020
Videos must be taken during this time. No previously filmed videos will be allowed
September 19 - 23, 2020
Replacement Heifers and Open/Bred Beef Heifers must be Preg Checked by a Veterinarian
Exhibitors must contact their Veterinarian to have animal confirmed pregnant or open (for open beef) and provide the fair with confirmation
September 26 - 29, 2020
Virtual Judging of Show
September 30, 2020
Virtual Crowning of Champions Winners will be announced via Social Media and the KC Fair Website
October 1 - 3, 2020
Online Auction
SC Online Sales
October 4 - 6, 2020
Livestock Drop off for processor:
10/4 - (Morning) Market Rabbit + Market Poultry
10/4 - (Afternoon) Market Sheep + Market Goats
10/5 - Market Swine
10/6 - Market Beef + Heifers
  • Weigh Animals
  • Collect Declaration of Medication for each animal (except small animals)
  • Vets on site for vet check
  • Evaluator on site to determine market ready/market acceptable
  • Brand inspector on site for cattle; all cattle will need bill of sale and yellow transportation form
  • Animals loaded and shipped to processor
October 7, 2020
Final Deadline to receive add-ons
Must be turned in by 5 PM

All Entry Certification Rules, General Rules/Regulations, Kern County Fair Code of Ethics, Tagging and DNA Requirements, and, Kern County Fair Residue Avoidance will be enforced in the Online Show and Sale. Please review and refer to the Livestock Catalog for any clarification.

Summary of Changes

  • Market beef, market sheep, market goats, market swine, replacement heifers, rabbit meat pens or fryers and poultry meat pens or turkeys only, no breeding shows
  • No Kern Bred and Fed
  • No Showmanship
  • Sale will be terminal (except for Dairy and Beef Heifers) - No live pickup through Auction
  • Receipt/Bill of Sale for steers - Yellow Transport Form must accompany steer at drop-off after the sale for the brand inspector
  • All animals must meet the weight requirements upon arrival to the drop off for processing. Animals that do not make weight will be returned to the trailer and scratched from the show and sale and the buyer will be notified and not billed.


“Just a reminder for a virtual online auction that a sale lot must receive at least the minimum bid amount so that the animal has officially sold. Once a bid is received then add-ons can be added to that lot. An animal that receives no bids, which is technically a no-sale; would not be eligible to accept add-ons. No-sale animals will not come to the animal drop off.”
Virtual Show Rules and Guidelines
Video Guidelines
Weigh-In Guidelines
Virtual Video/Weight Submission + Declare for Auction
Virtual Video/Weight Submission + Declare for Auction
Sept 07 - Sept 18, 2020
Declaration of Medication Form will be due at Auction animal drop off.


BEEF: Jeff Jackson, TX
POULTRY: Larry Stallings, CA
SHEEP: Brent Jennings, NC
RABBITS: Louis Potter, FL
SWINE: Bryan Vaughan, OH
DAIRY: Brian Coyne, OH
GOATS: Brandon Morgan, OK


How will all this even work?

Why is YQCA required

Who will judge the animals in the online format?

How will the drop-off process work?

How will the online auction work?

How will weighing work?

Will the video submission be used for the online auction?

What if an earlier video is submitted, is there the opportunity to resubmit during the open/close window?

Can non- buyers also watch the virtual sale? Some kids/parents may want to watch but not necessarily buy an animal.

It seems like this type of virtual show will be less expensive for Kern County Fair.

One of our major auction supporters is concerned about the weight requirements. If an animal doesn't meet the minimum weight how does that work?

Will market animals be judged in weight classes?


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