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2022 Judges

Payton Dahmer, KS

Breeding Swine

Jando Guerra, CA

Horse Show

Gail DeGough, CA

Pygmy Goats Show

Daniel Laney, CA

Dairy Goat Show

Rosa Bryant, IN

Rabbit Show

Jeremy Watmuff, MI

Rabbit Show

Jordan Miner, CA

Cavy Show
Cavy Showmanship
Rabbit Showmanship

Bart Pals, IA

Poultry Show

Terry Britt, IL

Poultry Show

Will Winter, TX

Market Swine Show

Connor Brew, TX

Market Sheep Show
Kern Bred and Fed Goats

Dakota Moyers, TX

Market Beef
Commercial Open/Bred Heifers

Chase McPhaul, TX

Market Goats Show
Kern Bred and Fed Sheep

Brandon Ferry, WI

Dairy Replacement Heifers

Shane Geist, CA

Beef Kern Bred and Fed

John Mendes, CA

Kern Bred and Fed Swine

Donovan Miguel, CA

Junior Dairy Show
Kern Bred and Fed Dairy

Clay Freeman, CA

Poultry Contests - Non Animal

Jennifer Freeman, CA

Poultry Contests - Non Animal

Lynn Howe, CA

Dog Show - Rally

Josh Burke, CA

Dog Show - Obedience

Elyssa Sepulveda, CA

Dog Show - Costume

Paula Harris, CA

Dog Show - Showmanship

Maureen Macedo, CA

Alpaca + Llama Show
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