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2022 New Commercial Exhibit Application

Incomplete applications will not be considered or returned.

  1. Read the 2022 Handbook Official Exhibit Rules and Regulations available on our website www.kerncountyfair.com
  2. All questions on this application must be answered completely. Be sure the information you give is accurate, as it will be the sole representation of your business for the selection process.
  3. The list of products you are requesting to sell/exhibit/promote/give-away must be specific. Do not use generalizations such as “accessories, related products, or etc”. If a contract is issued, it will be assigned on the basis of this list only, so please be thorough. The Kern County Fair reserves the right to select the items a company is allowed to sell. Only approved items will be listed on your contract.
  4. Any brochures, handouts, catalogs, etc. that will best describe your product should be included with this application and must be pre-approved for distribution during the Fair.
  5. If a contract is issued, the location of your booth will be determined by management; however, your preference is important to us, so be sure to check the appropriate box in space information. Locations are subject to change year to year.
  6. Make sure you sign the application where indicated.
  7. A recent photo of your booth(s) is required. Photos will not be returned.
  8. A copy of your California Seller’s Permit is required with your application.
  9. There is a $25 nonrefundable fee per application.

You will be notified if and when space is available
If you have not been contacted by the Exhibits office by August 1st, you have not been selected for a vendor space in this year’s fair. Please do not call.

Company Information

Must match insurance policy and sellers permit
(Located on your federal tax return)
CA Seller's Permit (Attach copy to application)


List two (2) fairs, festivals or shows you have recently participated in:

Product Information

Must be specific and detailed; do not use generalizations such as "accessories, related products, or etc." if it's not on the rental agreement/contract you can not display or sell it. Include photos of your booth with your products.
Do you use pitch or audio equipment?

Do you guarantee your product?

Do you give a sales receipt with each purchase?

Do you conduct a drawing?

Recent photo of your booth

Insurance Information

Each exhibitor must provide proof of general liability and product liability insurance of no less than $1,000,000.00. Please indicate the type of insurance you will provide.
Will you be purchasing CFSA insurance? $145.00 per booth

Each exhibitor who hires employees must also provide a copy of Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Space Information

Desired Space Location

Space Size Required

  • Each 10’x10’ Exhibit Space - $1,500.00
  • There are no refunds on Exhibit Space for any reason
  • Full non-refundable space value will be required when space is assigned
Inside Booth Includes:
  • 8' draped back wall
  • 4' draped side dividers
  • 1 outlet - up to 700 watts
  • Admission and Parking Passes for employees
  • Fair does not provide chairs or tables in booths
Admission and Parking Passes:
  • Issued Admission and Parking Passes shall not be traded or sold
  • Gate 32-A Parking Hanger may be purchased for $100.00
  • Additional Daily Admissions are available at a discounted rate of $8.00 each
  • Additional Daily Parking are available at a discounted rate of $6.00 each

1 Space 2 Spaces 3 Spaces
Daily Admission
50 Total
75 Total
100 Total
Daily Parking
50 Total 75 Total 100 Total

Application Fee

Nonrefundable Application Fee
2022 New Commercial Exhibit Application Fee

Terms & Conditions:

I have read and reviewed the terms & conditions
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