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Jurassic Empire Drive-Thru

Date: Dec 11 - Dec 20, 2020

General Admission:

Thursday & Friday:
Car with 1-7 persons: $55
Cars with 8 -14 persons: $85
Saturday & Sunday:
Car with 1-7 persons: $60
Cars with 8 -14 persons: $90

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Jurassic Empire, the largest most realistic Dinosaur Drive-Thru Event ever seen in Bakersfield!
From the comfort and safety of your own car, drive-thru this prehistoric journey from the Jurassic all the way through the Ice Age periods and discover the Dinosaurs & Mammals that ruled the earth for more than 150 million years ago!
The drive thru exhibit features over 60, moving, breathing, giant life size ultra-realistic dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Keep a close out eye out for a new born baby T–Rex, and be extra careful as danger lies ahead as you drive by a young T-Rex found walking around the exhibit.
This Jurassic Themed Dinosaur event will stimulate your child’s imagination for years to come.
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